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Muwahaha, I am a new member ^__^

Ok, I have joined! I found this comunity because I had some friends it in, found out it was about neopets, and joined! The deal is, slowly my LJ evolved from being about my pets to being about me so I still wanted their stories and such to reach livejournal members (mostly my friends) so I think this would be a good way to let them talk. Ok, my neopets usernames are unappreciated_artist and Kitsune_in_the_rain. I guess you'd like to meet my pets, right?
Art; is a female starry zafara. On her back are a pair of wings she got when she feel in the rainbow foutain. She is very, very hyper, and insane.
Erin; is a female skunk zafara. I adopted her from the pound. She's a theif, so watch your valubuls when around her.
Pippin; is a male blue shoyru. He is annoying, but has alot of common sence.
Fiver; is a female white aisha. She dyed some of her hair marron for no reason. She's very anti-socail, her best friend is a plushie called Stan she talks to. Fiver plans to conqure neopia.
Meercantins: Is a red male pteri. He is very adverturous, but is still young so isn't very smart.
Nameless: Is a green female ixi from Meridell. She's very smart for her age and loves to make friends, she also wanders around alot.
((Real names: Art=artist_of_my_dreams, Erin=erin28000, Pippin=peregrin_da_hobbit, Fiver=happy_cabbit, Meercantins=Meercantins, Nameless=nameless_wanderer))

I hope we can all be great friends! ^^
All of her pets: YAH!
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