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Summer plans

Hey... Is anything special planned for the ljgang this summer? Dog's on vacation from the 6th-13th, but I think it would be awesome if we could return to La Isla del Manana, the island we went to last summer! (sure, no one was really able to finish their story, but I think we can do better the 2nd time around!)

A cool way to start it could be that no one wants to come back, considering the less-than-lovely living conditions we were plauged with last time, but the owners shove us off anyway, saying that we need jobs. However, when we arive there, we find that there now is a HUGE mansion where we'll be staying! And, of course, this opens up a whole lot of possible story lines!

So... *pokes y'all* So, anyone interested in reviving our old island adventure? This won't work unless there's lots of participation, like last time!

Oh, and to those who missed out on the fun last time, or just have a bad memory, I'd recomend going:

HERE (ljgang journal entry regarding it)
HERE (another ljgang entry)
HERE (ljgang entry yet again)
HERE ljgang website (made by Stars)
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